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Daffodil Strength

My daffodils are here and they give me hope. Years ago when we first moved into our old house, we began transplanting daffodils around the yard. Patches of them grew in the woods around us, leftover from the days when tenant houses were there. I think of them as wild, although I don't know if… Continue reading Daffodil Strength

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A Quiet Christmas

Here's to a quiet Christmas Like most everyone I know, I have been on the runaway Polar Express since Thanksgiving. When I was looking at the calendar back in November, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed innocent enough. I loved filling in the squares with all the extra activities - family dinners and holiday… Continue reading A Quiet Christmas

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Just Like Moses

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and this week He spoke to me ¬†through a gaura plant. I bought the gaura last spring when I went to the plant sale at Northwest High. I had bought some pepper and tomato plants and a few flowers and then picked up a cup with a… Continue reading Just Like Moses