The Bookshelf by Michele Weber Hurwitz

Nerdy Book Club

After a long summer at home, my son is back at college. He’s a junior now, an upperclassman, but the goodbyes haven’t gotten any easier. At least for me. He’s attending the University of Iowa, the only college he wanted to go to, the only college he applied to, and luckily, the college he was accepted to. Unlike many high school seniors, the choice was an easy one for Sam — his dad, grandfather, and two uncles were Hawkeyes. Sam’s easy-going, middle child thought process was this: why mess with tradition? It worked for them, it’ll work for me.

Two years ago when he left, a wide-eyed freshman, I worried about small things — he’d never really done an actual load of laundry, didn’t know his roommate, and had a knack for losing his possessions. Then there was the big worry: like many 18-year olds, he had no idea what…

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