The Margin Project by Jen Malone

Great library idea!!

Nerdy Book Club

Hey there, Nerdy crew! We’re a fun-loving group of passionate booklovers, right? Pretty social too, huh? Guess what? So are the kids we teach, find library books for and, in my case, write for.  In fact, the current generation of kids has been termed the “Me Generation” and judging by the number of selfies my daughter posts to Instagram daily, those labelers might be onto something. Everything is social for them: sleeping with a cell under the pillow for  “emergency” midnight text sessions, gaming while chatting on headsets, TV watching while hashtagging on Twitter, reading while… wait, no. Reading isn’t social.

But why not meet our kids on their own terms and make it so? Enter The Margin Project.

The Margin Project is my pet project, originating from the antics of a group of over a hundred 2014 debut kidlit authors. To help us better cheerlead each other’s titles, we…

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