Life is changing Under the Magnolia Tree! Now we have two retired folks living here and we have not killed each other yet, although there are days when we just keep out of each other’s way.  Transitions are not always easy.

 But despite the adjustments, I am loving retirement. I love the freedom and the time. I love that my mind is not cluttered with everything that needs to be done. I love that when I get back from an early morning run at 7 am I’m not rushing to get dressed and go to school! I love having time to cook and read and sit down with Keith in the evening.  

Without sounding too melodramatic, I feel like I’m where I’ve wanted to be for most of my life. I feel so at peace being able to study the Bible, write, work at church and make my home a priority.  

This past weekend I attended the Northwest Georgia Christian Writers’ Conference and it was a Spirit filled time of encouragement and reflection. Over and over I heard that I need to listen for God’s leading in my writing, to persevere and to not worry about the outcome. The editors, agents and writers who were there were accomplished and professional, yet at the same time spoke openly about the painful times in their lives, and how God brought them through. I met so many amazing people who are writing books, blogs and devotionals while working full time and raising kids. I felt that instant rapport with them that comes from the Holy Spirit. 

I’ve been praying about how God wants to use my writing and I felt Him speaking to me at the conference. So, I’m making some changes to this blog. Starting in September, I’m doing my first series. Since I’m going through a transition time, I want to look at how some people in the Bible got through changes in their lives. I hope you will take a few minutes each week to read and that you will feel God speaking to you through the lives of Jesus’ mother Mary, Peter, Paul and Moses.  

I’m stepping out on faith to go through the doors God is opening. As Mark Hancock said at the last night of the conference — If it doesn’t take faith, is it worth doing? 

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