Spirituality, Worry

New Devotional in Refresh Magazine!

I have an article in the summer issue of Refresh Bible Study Magazine. This is a free quarterly online magazine from Lighthouse Bible Studies.

The theme for this edition is “A Rock-Solid Life: Build It on the Sayings of Jesus.” My article  is the first one and is based on Jesus’ admonition to not worry about our life. Do you ever feel like rocking your problems away?

You can read the online edition here: https://bit.ly/RefreshMobileSummer2022

If you would like to subscribe to Refresh Bible Study Magazine for free and receive an email each time the magazine comes out, you can sign up here: https://bit.ly/SubscribetoRefreshMagazine

I have enjoyed getting to know Katy Kauffman and the other writers and staff at Lighthouse Bible Studies. I think you will be inspired by the articles!

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