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Finding Quiet

I stood by my open kitchen window Thursday evening relishing the quiet. No NPR played on the radio; no sounds of television came from the den. The refrigerator didn’t hum, and the air conditioner didn’t click on.  Hurricane Zeta had come through the night before, pulling down trees and causing us to be without electricity… Continue reading Finding Quiet

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NaNoWriMo, or How Writing a Book is like Running a Marathon

Running and writing do not always go together, although they should. I have been running for the last sixteen years and I’ve learned many life lessons that have helped me become a better writer. Since NaNoWriMo — National November Writing Month— is an endurance event for writers, I found many similarities between writing 50,000 words… Continue reading NaNoWriMo, or How Writing a Book is like Running a Marathon

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How strong are you?

About a year ago I was diagnosed with the beginning of osteoporosis, which made me feel old and brittle and worried about getting a humpback. My mother fell and broke her hip while putting up Christmas decorations when she was younger than I am now and suffered from it for the rest of her life.… Continue reading How strong are you?