Bucket List

I never heard the term “bucket list” until the movie came out a few years ago, but now it is common, especially among those of us over 50. I guess it goes along with “kicking the bucket”,  which you start to think about as you venture into the last half of life (assuming I make it to 100!)

Here are a few bucket list items I have already done:

– Live in an old house in the country – I feel blessed each time I turn in my driveway!

– Run a marathon (completed 5!)

– See Bruce Springstein play “Born to Run” –  with my good friend Lisa Edwards, he was great!

Some bucket list items that have not happened yet:

– Go to Europe with my son Adam (coming up!!)

– Be an awesome grandmother – this is far in the future

– Go on a mission trip to another country -this one will happen, just not sure when God will work it out

– Sing back up for a band – okay, this one has kind of happened with the Christmas Sweater Band at Valley Point Middle, where I play keyboards, but I kind of had Billy Joel in mind – still waiting for that call

– Be a writer

Now the last one is actually something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl. Back when I was a kid and had lots of time, I would sit around and think up stories. There used to be a sign in the psychology building at Wake Forest that said -“Don’t just sit there – imagine!” I have  spent much unproductive time imagining! But then I grew up and had school and work and family and there wasn’t much time to just sit and think and imagine.

Now I am older and although I still have work and church and family, I also have some time to sit and think and imagine, so I am fulfilling my lifelong dream of writing. I have been inspired by  a very talented friend, Ginger Anderson, who is younger than me and has lots of energy. She not only works part time, has 2 kids and a husband, but sings in our church praise band (see bucket list above), is training for a 10K with our Run For God group and writes a hilarious, thought provoking blog called Ginger’s Grocery. When I told her I was jealous of her voice and writing ability, she told me she was jealous of my thick hair and long legs, so I guess we always want what we can’t have!

Several years ago I started a blog because I wanted to share what I was reading with other people, then I discovered Goodreads and found out others had come up with a much better way to do that! I called the blog “Reading Under the Magnolia Tree” because we have this huge magnolia tree outside our house and one of my favorite summertime things to do is sit under it and read. Here is a picture of our tree taken during our recent snow – you have to get far back from it to appreciate just how humongous it is.

mag tree

If you have ever had a magnolia tree, you know how messy they are – they drop their leaves all summer and pods all winter. My husband Keith’s mission in life is keeping things cleaned up under it. But on the good side, this tree shields us from the sun when it is hot and the wind when it is cold.  Our house was built in 1859 and I am guessing the tree is that old too. I think of it as the protector of our home, looking over us and sheltering us from the storms. We have had a good life under that magnolia tree. I chose it as the image for my new blog and venture.

I am not sure where this will take me, if anywhere. I want to share what I observe about the little things that happen in my life and how I find God in them. I am fascinated with how easily life falls into place when I put it in His hands and I am always striving to make this a real thing in my life, not just empty religious talk . I want to find other kindred souls out there who are striving for the same thing. I want to discipline myself to not just have thoughts, but to organize them into something others will understand and relate to.

But I will give it all up when I get that call from Billy Joel to sing back up for him!

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