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A Happy Day

A Happy Day

Sometimes I get bogged down with life – going to work and making dinner and paying bills and cleaning house – so I was happy to have a rejoicing day last Saturday and be reminded that God does answer prayers. 

I ran a 10K at the Run at the Mill, sponsored by Run for God, and I could go on and on about the beautiful day and the good run I had, but three praises in particular stand out.

Praise #1 – I went to the race with two of my favorite people, Doug and Virginia Todd. They are the most loving, outgoing people you will ever meet. Several years ago they joined the  Run for God 5K program at our church and loved it. Virginia had to have her gall bladder out, so she was not able to do as much as she would have liked, but Doug became the program’s best cheerleader. Doug is someone who is very enthusiatic about everything and became the heart of our group. He kept running and Virginia joined in, and they did several more 5K’s and Doug joined his son-in-law to run the Peachtree. He had a blast.

Last January we did the Run for God 10K and half marathon class at 1st Methodist. Doug was excited about training for the 10K, but started feeling lethargic. He just didn’t have his usual pep, so he finally went to the doctor and found out that he had some serious blockages and needed heart valve replacement – his workouts had to stop! As worried as he was over the surgery, he was very disappointed to not be able to run the 10K. Our group rallied around him and prayed for the surgery and his recovery. The surgery was a week after the race, but he was there cheering us on as each one of our group crossed the finish line.

So one year later, following the surgery and rehab, Doug ran the 5K at the Run at the Mill! He feels better than ever and will be at the Peactree again this year! Those prayers were answered!

The three of us before the race.

Praise #2 – Last year’s Run for God group from our church decided to dedicate our run to Vicki Callahan, one of the most Godly women I know. She had leukemia and was going through a grueling bone marrow transplant at the time. After spending months in isolation at a hospital in Atlanta, she was sick, weak and practically skin and bones. To be honest, I was not sure she was going to survive the ordeal. Many. many people were praying for her and she slowly began making progress. Now, one year later, she is back home, enjoying her family and friends and singing in the choir at church! More prayers answered!

Vicki and her grandson today.

Praise #3 – To cap off my day of praise, we had a special event in our family last Saturday – our son Adam proposed to his girlfriend Jess! I knew he had the ring and that he was going to take her to lunch, pop the question, then return home where several of their friends would be waiting to congratulate them, so all morning I was excited thinking about it. Adam was so pumped for the suprise and to finally put the ring on her finger. We love Jess like a daughter already, and I feel overwhelmed – happy and proud – that Adam’s life is coming together for him. I have prayed since he was a little boy for the woman he would marry and God is answering those prayers with a smart, beautiful, fun loving lady who loves him as much as he loves her!

I don’t know why God answers some prayers and appears to not answer others, but for today, I am thankful for the good things in life and happy days.


4 thoughts on “A Happy Day”

  1. So, so happy for all those answered prayers, and especially so for dear Adam and Jess! She is beautiful! And she is getting the best mother-in-law on the planet. Great post as usual, Millicent! Keep us posted on the wedding plans as they develop!


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