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Grace shows up: a drama

Grace shows up: a drama

Cast of characters:

Me, enjoying a midweek run on a sunny evening

Ashley,  a senior in high school, on her way to youth group at her church

Junior, a white terrier dog, sitting on his front porch, watching for anyone passing his house

Act I

The three of us converge in front of Junior’s house at the exact same time. 

Me, slowly jogging, thinking about my tired legs 

Ashley, driving to church, thinking about – ? – her boyfriend, her math class, what to wear to school tomorrow?

Junior, sprinting toward the road,  thinking only about getting that person running in front of his house

In a flash – white car, white dog, a thud, a yelp, Junior in a heap by the side of the road


Why wasn’t I looking, why didn’t I stop him, what to do, what to do??

Me, banging on the door of the house, “Your dog has been hit!” no one home

Ashley, on the grass next to Junior, in tears

Junior, head at a strange angle, eyes glazed, breath barely

Me, running home for my car

Ashley crying, calling her mom

Junior, not moving

Act II

A new character, Anthony, Junior’s owner, found at his parents’ house

Anthony is in a wheelchair

Me, “I’m so sorry, but there has been an accident with your dog.”

Anthony, body slumping in chair, “Ever since he took up with that girl dog, seems like it gets on his nerves for anyone to go by the house.”


Another character, God’s Grace, enters

Back at Anthony’s house

Me, feeling guilty, especially because Anthony is in a wheelchair

Ashley, apologizing with tears

Junior, chasing runners in heaven

Anthony, standing up to hug Mary, offering to pay to have her bumper fixed, saying accidents happen, dignified and resigned

Grace, quietly filling the yard in the sadness


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